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The Ecosystem

My goal is to guide you into your own sense of exploration and play. Getting to know your own body, mind, and soul is a long game that requires expansive practices and a loving guidepost - I'm here to provide you with both.


Sexology is the study of, or the observation of your own sexual energy. It requires becoming a scientist of your own experience - and all that that entails; your sexual desires, ability to be satisfied, and your hormonal balance, to name a few. 


Endocrinology is the foundation of your emotional, spiritual, and physical vitality. When your hormones are in harmony you feel HAPPY and content. Everything you’ve been told is just PART of being a female, is usually actually part of our disconnection from our bodies.

Chi gong

Chi gong is all you ever need to feel happy in life! It grounds you into your physical body, and it allows your spiritual and emotional body to come into center, so that you feel WHOLE. It’s a moving meditation for those who find sitting in stillness to not be very productive. It’s very sensual. And that is one of the reasons I prescribe it to so many clients.....

Taoist yoga

There are so many different kinds of yoga out there - Taoist yoga is specific to your endocrine system and your organ system. It opens your energetic pathways through specific postures so that your organs and glands are functioning optimally.  Think of it as stretching your way to a deeper sense of connection with yourself as Nature.

Wisdom Approach

This is an approach to your physical, sexual, and spiritual health that makes so much sense - because it’s based on systems that are already a part of you. It simply puts you back in touch with yourself. The Ancient Wisdom Approach is a system that allows you to glean the medicine of the 4 phases of the moon and the 5 Chinese elements - for greater libido, desire, drive, energy to get things moving! It’s not complex, but it’s the kind of thing that you aren’t taught to tune into in this modern age - we can get you back in touch with your true inner rhythms as a compass for life. And not just any life - the life you dream of.


I am extremely holistic in my approach to medicine. As a chinese medicine doctor and functional medicine expert, I see your body as having all the medicine that you need already inside of you. Through diet, movement, and meditation you can eliminate ¾ of your physical pain and dis-ease. The other ¼ can be brought into balance through herbal medicines and sexual practices.

I can work with you to create a supplementation guide that will alleviate your most long standing struggles - be them emotional or physical. Let’s free you up.


Dr. Willow Brown

My name is Dr. Willow Brown, and I’m a Sexpert for the Hormonally Challenged; a devoted guide for the exhausted and over-run; and a compassionate healer for those who have lost their divine feminine spark - or are curious to discover it for the first time.


Services & Offerings

In crossing the bridge to your sexual expansion, there are so many routes you can take! I offer 4 main pathways for support -

Private coaching, (this includes transformative couple's coaching)

Online programs (such as my beloved Living Sexology Course)

As well as Medicine Sessions and retreats. Click around and explore  bit. It's time to find the perfect fit.