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Hey there, friends! For September, I will be traveling the world, explore new places, and reconnecting with my spiritual soul.

If you want to schedule an appointment or have questions about working with me, please email me at connect@drwillowbrown.com.

I will reply as quickly as possible! No matter where I am, I'm still here for you :-).

I'm off exploring the world

Welcome to Dr Willow's World

My goal is to guide you into your own sense of exploration and play. Getting to know your own body, mind, and soul is a process that requires expansive practices and a loving guide - I'm here to provide you with both. I use an array of modalities when I work with you around your love, sex and relationships because you are unique and so is your soul’s path with sex and love.

Free Meditations

Experience an empowering spiritual connection back to your own being with these Meditations.

One is a Male Sexual Hormone Meditation, and the other is a Female Endocrine Meditation.

Jade Egg Remedy

Join me in a self-paced mini class to ignite your Yoni temples so that your strongest intuition can lead your forward.

Private Coaching

Whether your needs are physical, emotional, spiritual, or even circumstantial, I have your back! I will masterfully guide you to the reality your heart deeply desires


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Dr. Willow Brown

My name is Dr. Willow Brown, and I’m a Sexpert for the Hormonally Challenged; a devoted guide for the exhausted and over-run; and a compassionate healer for those who have lost their divine feminine spark - or are curious to discover it for the first time.

I have guided thousands of women, men, and couples around the world to heal and transform their lives through a return to  the essence of their sexual wisdom - which, in my experience, is always followed by an explosion of abundance! 


Services & Offerings

In crossing the bridge to your sexual expansion, there are so many routes you can take!
I offer 4 main pathways for support
  • Private & transformative couple's coaching
  • Online programs, such as my signature course, Living Sexology
  • Holistic, Tantra & Medical treatments, customized to your body's needs.
  • Retreats held around the world that carry a thread of sensual aliveness



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