Hello, Lovely Soul! Discover the Lunar Secrets: A Practical Guide to Embodied Womb Wisdom

Dr. Willow Brown

Did You Grow up with Religious Guilt?

In my last article, I wrote about what shame feels like – and what you could be experiencing instead.

It’s a big topic. Which is why I’m bringing you this Part 2: All about religious shame. 

Did you grow up with Religious guilt?

Me too.

Somehow, I was able to not succumb to the imposed guilt too much. I actually developed a rebellion toward it; and this “shadow” aspect of guilt was not without its own hold over me. It got me into some sticky situations, for sure!

It’s no secret that our culture has been built on the bedrock of fear, shame and guilt.  

It’s no secret that the opposite of these emotions is love. 

While fear, shame and guilt has been instilled to keep order over the people, as we are seeing in the world today, there is also a deep uprising of love, because love is innate.

These dark and light sides to humanity reside in you, they reside in me, they reside in all of us, that’s why you can relate to both sides.

The question is, what leads your journey? Love or Fear?

I’d like to notice whether the voices of guilt and shame have the tone of your mother’s voice, your father’s voice or your religious leader’s voice then those voices are not inherent to you.

If guilt and shame are not really who you are, then who are you?

Take some time to journal who you are without the confines of guilt, what choices would you make differently, how would you carry yourself differently, what kind of people would you surround yourself with?

Take a step further to explore who you would be, could be and are without shame…. this may take some outside support…. I’d love to support you in this

You’re welcome to set up an introductory session with me.

Unraveling yourself from the doctrine you were raised with can really require the support of a trained coach or therapist. No shame in asking for that support.

Religion carries a deep sense of spirituality that feeds and nourishes your soul, it also holds a sense of “control” that makes you feel like you are nothing without it. 

This can be confusing if you are a spiritual person by nature and a people pleaser. 

Coming from a huge catholic family myself I understand the conundrum this opposing message can create in you.

I know what it takes to find your own sovereign truth in the midst of all the outside messages. I’ve helped thousands of people come to clarity within themselves. 

I don’t believe you need to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  I believe you’ve got to release yourself from the “control” that keeps you playing out your life inauthentically. 

You’ve got to trust that the light within you will not disappear when you clear out the shadows.  In fact it will only get brighter.

You are the only one who can heal this divide for you. And you are not only doing it for yourself, but for your parents and their parents and all the way back through your ancestral line.

You also do this healing for your children or any future children. 

You are here to shift the epi-genetic code, simply by your shifting your relationship to spirit, and making choices from a place of love.

What I have found is that when you let go of “control” of the outcome; the way your life looks, where you are at by the time you’re 40, the way you look to others, and how you feel about your own life, you get closer to Spirit.

You develop a closer, more powerful relationship with God/Spirit/Goddess and begin to know that this powerful forceis inside of you.

I can hear my own father’s voice, he became a born again christian during my teens, and he’d follow me around the house reading the Bible!  He’d say, “The kingdom of heaven is within you!”  

He had his spiritual awakening while I was busy going through puberty, (good times)!  

To this day he reads St. Brigit’s prayers everyday and stands on the podium at church to read from the bible most Sunday’s. He is all in with his religion, but even more in with spirituality! To him they are one and the same.

As you might imagine his spiritual awakening and my hormonal crises created a huge rift in our relationship for the better part of a decade. But as I healed my own dualistic, confused relationship with the doctrine of religion and pure spirituality, I was able to honor his relationship with it.

I now see my Dad as a man with incredible faith, in fact, he has more faith than anyone I know, and it brings tears to my eyes the devotion he has to his practice and the relationship he has to his God. My two brothers and I find it astounding and inspiring! 

Without even knowing it, he’s become a master practitioner of something called santosha

Santosha is one of the yoga sutras, (kind of like the 10 commandments of yoga), it’s the practice of surrendering your preferences. This means you have to train yourself to let go of “liking” and “disliking” things. 

You have to stop seeing things as “good” and “bad” and start seeing things through the eyes of acceptance. 

You may be thinking, “but some things are completely unacceptable!”  

It is true that things are often “unjust,” and “unfair,” but if you let your emotional state be yanked this way and that way by what you believe is fair or unfair, you will be exhausted from the emotional roller coaster.

Santosha is the true path to contentment.  And contentment is a longevity practice, it can add years to your life, not to mention quality.

It doesn’t mean you won’t take actions to change the way things are in your life, it’s not acceptance in the way of complacency. 

It’s acceptance in the way of meeting yourself and your life exactly where you are at. When you do this you release the element of resistance that keeps you in it’s grip, and free up your energy to be in love, rather than shame and guilt.

I want this for you! If you want this for yourself – consider hiring me for transformational private coaching.

All My Love!



Shame and Sex

This is one of the most common places to carry shame and it is, in large part, due to religious doctrine and the cultural waters we swim in.  

You see, sex is the most potent and powerful creative energy that you have access to as a human being, it creates a new life for Christ’s sake, what could be more potent than that?!

The taboo around sex keeps the shadow elements of it highly charged inside of you, making you feel like you are wrong or bad for having those feelings, fantasies, or emotions.

It’s a huge waste of Chi!  

Taoists see sexuality as a healthy part of being human, and when you shut down or ignore this vital part of your health, every other part of your health takes a nose-dive.  Sleep, hormones, energy levels, digestion, immunity, and emotions.  Not to mention it closes a very big door on your connection to Spirit.

Exploring your sexual shadows brings significant light to your relationship with sex and with Spirit. It allows you to be more present during sexual encounters, which is where the real juice is.

A few shadows (according to the late Shakti Malan) that you might want to look at are:

  • Needing porn to get off, 
  • fantasizing about others when you are with your partner, 
  • always attracting the “bad boy or crazy girl” types, because they are the only types that turn you on, 
  • being addicted to being “in love” or needing an element of the honeymoon phase in order to feel satisfied. 
  • And finally, being obsessed with sex, always thinking about it, planning your life around it, making choices based on getting more of it…

On the other end of the spectrum from your sexual desires, you can look at your shadows of sexual fear.  

It may feel like uncharted territory to look at fears around sex, but that’s why it can be so liberating sexually to bring consciousness to them. 

Sexual fears tend to show up for many people as physical ailments like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, vaginismus, vaginal pain, loss of sexual desire causing dryness of the vagina, sexual trauma (which includes desires and fears all mixed together), and body armor, which is when you shut down to the physical sensations of both pain and pleasure.

Then of course there are the shadows of sexual taboos, which come from culture and religion. 

Taboos like:

  • sex should be enjoyed only in private and with your committed partner, 
  • you should not get too wild during sex, you should enjoy it some, but not too much, you should always lead if you’re the man and follow if you’re the woman. 
  • The list goes on, but it’s not only the actual taboos themselves that can create shame and guilt around sex but the shadow side of these taboos as well. 
  • For example, if you rebel against the taboos and begin acting promiscuously, or be unfaithful just to spit in the face of the culture or exercise your “freedom” from the norm, you may very well still be ruled by the cultural idea of what sex “is should” be.

The whole concept of Taoist Sexology, Tantra, and other forms of sacred sexual practice is to become more authentic with your sexuality. To develop your own relationship with it, rather than living out the relationship others think you should have.

One of the biggest shadows and shame points I see with my clients is when one person starts feeling desire for someone ELSE when they are already in a monogamous relationship. 

If you’ve ever been in this predicament you know that it can really take you down.  It starts to affect your confidence, your relationship, your happiness, and your sexuality.  

The fantasies you create about this other person are so powerful they can ruin you, and the reality is that the more you resist the urges, the daydreams, and maybe even the impulse to be with that person the more it persists.  

The truth is that you are not meant to get everything from one person, and coming to terms with this truth will move you through your, “crush” faster than anything.

When you desire another, that is some strong chi, that you can apply to your own health and vitality or use to boost your current relationship.

Think about it, you have a burning desire to be with someone, and they may or may not even know you exist.  It’s your desire, it’s your feeling, it comes from you and it is your responsibility.   

What would you like to do with that desire? Would you like to pursue that person? Would you like to channel that energy into your work, or your exercise routine? Would you like to transfer that energy into your sex life?

In regards to sex.  If you were fortunate your first sexual encounters were with a significant other in a safe and supportive space. 

If you were anything like me, on the other hand, it was the exact opposite.  It was far from safe and far from supportive, it may have even been nonconsensual – causing you to shut down your pleasure centers and associate sexuality with being bad or wrong. 

That is no way to live!

Sex is one of the most beautiful gifts we have been given in this lifetime.  When you are unable to open this gift and see all the beauty inside you are missing one of the most magical parts of the human experience.

So how do you heal from shame, much less become immune to it?

You have to start by identifying that there is a shame.  It can be helpful to know where it comes from (pinpoint the incident or time in your life), but it is not necessary.

I recommend finding a special or sacred place in nature or in your home where you can be still and quiet enough to tune into the place in your body where you feel shame and notice the sensation of it. Is it tight, constricting, numb, dull, achy, or sharp?  Does it limit your breath capacity; does it affect your heartbeat?  What happens to your nervous system when you feel this shame?

Once you have identified where it is in your body, and what it feels like place your hands there and begin to breathe into that place, expanding your inhale consciously into that place to create more space there.  If you would like to you can exhale with a sound, maybe an “AAAA,” sound, to begin with, which might morph into deeper throatier sounds or even animalist growling sounds.  Repeat that breath, using the inhale to create space and using the exhale to release and clear out the current sensations of shame from your body.  Do this as long as necessary until you feel the sensation in your body change.

Depending on how long the shame has been there and how deeply you feel it you will want to keep doing this practice. I have had clients clear substantial amounts of shame in 1-3 of these sessions, for others, it can take 1-3 months.  You will know when you are complete; trust your deep inner knowing. 

One of the things shame does is it takes you away from trusting yourself, and you will see that the more you clear the sensation of shame the more you will begin to trust yourself, and your future will unfold in a new direction.

Through this unfolding, you will begin to stand up for yourself, your confidence will rise and you will begin to experience a deep sense of knowing that you are worthy of love, you are worthy of joy, and that you have a fundamental, undeniable worth.

I encourage you to find support on this journey of releasing and becoming immune to shame, as it is helpful to have an objective perspective while working out the stories that created this shame, to begin with.  Shame gets so ingrained in your consciousness; that it can be difficult to separate yourself from it.

I am here in full support of your breakthrough, and so I offer you an Intimacy Hour with me for 80% OFF the regular cost of a coaching session. You can set yourself up with an Intimacy Hour session here.

I am wishing you a life full of joy, light, vitality, and phenomenal self-worth!

A Different Kind of Christmas Story

Last year, I took a personal pilgrimage to the lands of my ancestors to get clear about whether or not I was meant to become a Mom in this lifetime..

There I was, deep in the heart of Ireland, far from all civilization, lost in the mountains as the wind blew and the rain began to wet the earth and me.  The sun was getting low on the horizon, and I began to question myself for taking this hike so late in the day.  I’d been wanting to find these Celtic megalithic burial tombs for weeks though, (some of the most ancient burial tombs in the world!)  

So, there I was in less-than-ideal circumstances.  I’d already been hiking for over an hour and when the tombs were not where they “should” have been, I went off-trail. 

If you’ve spent any personal time with me know that my sense of direction isn’t super stellar, even with a GPS  I get lost – ha – but thankfully I have great intuition, and that eventually leads me to my destination.

The wind and rain were picking up and I had about 40 minutes of sunlight left.  On my journey off the marked trail, I found an old ruin.  In my mind, it was the ruin of a church or place of worship and since I was now feeling lost, alone and scared, I paused to say a prayer for myself.  I called on the power of my ancestors and asked them to guide me back toward the trail that led to my car.  

I stood in the middle of that church for a long time vacillating between fear of freezing to death out there in the Irish boondocks and trusting that I’d find my way back.  Eventually, my faith overpowered my fear, and I dropped into a deep trust.  My prayer at that point was just to find the trail home, I had surrendered my desire of finding the tombs. 

I began to walk in the direction my intuition guided me.  Several minutes later, I still could not find the trail, but just up ahead, I could see the tombs.

I crawled inside one of them, despite the waning sunlight.  The opening was small, and I had to slide in, like a squatting cat. Then I dropped down so that I could stand in this small open space. 

It was dark inside, but I could see the stones that surrounded me, and even more importantly I could feel them.  It was as if they were beings that summoned me there to listen to them. 

Being in the cave was a welcome respite from the driving wind and cold rain.  I sat there alone, in the dark in this ancient burial tomb, way out in the middle of nowhere, with no reception and no one to call.  I was a little spooked at first, but then I allowed my sense of faith and love for this land to take over.  

I got still, centered, and calm and I listened.  I began to feel the essence of Yeshua present in the tomb with me, it felt comforting.  A moment later Innana (Goddess of the night) let me know she was at my back.  She communicated that she was there to protect and hold me and that all of me was welcome.  Whatever was to come through this experience was of the highest good for all. There was no judgment or criticism in this space.

These two deities invited me into a sacred tantric union.  Yeshua at my front welcomed me into yab yum (a tantric position), and Innana behind me created a warm, soft field of light that I could lean into.

I began to breathe, drawing the essence of Yeshua up through my yoni and into my body.  Soon I was making love to the spirit of Yeshua, who holds the most compassionate and unconditionally loving energy of any ascended master.  I could feel waves of unconditional love and acceptance flow up through my yin meridian (front midline, receptive channel). 

 I could feel my heart chakra expanding and my whole body warming up.  I began to run the micro-cosmic orbit (Taoist Sexology Practice) up my yin channel and down my yang channel (spine).  Inanna was behind me the whole time drawing the energy down my spine and out into the ethers. I felt I was a conduit meant to spread unconditional love to all of humanity.  It was one of the most sensual and spiritual moments of my life thus far.  

Almost a year to the date later, I shared this story with my Living Sexology students.  This story really piqued the interest of one of my students who let me know that she was ready to make love to a deity.  I was thrilled to guide her in this!  

The deity she chose was non-specific, not a certain Goddess, God, Angel, or Ascended Master, but instead a white, luminous, radiant being, who was full of light.  As she allowed this entity to enter her heart it moved easily and fluidly throughout the rest of her body.  Making her spine move, open, and undulate like water.  

I guided her to feel her feet on the floor, keeping her hips open and strong.  Her body began to sway from side to side, and she expressed that she was not the one doing the movement.  Her throat felt more open and expansive than it had in years and her hands began to move around her head, face, and jaw, moving her cranial bones and releasing years of tension and stress, that had been super compounded by this year’s stress from COVID! 

At the end of our session, she felt more present in her mind and heart.  She reported feeling warmer and more in her body as if all the stuck fluid in her head was now flowing to places in her body, where it’s more needed.  She said it had not felt super sexual but that it had felt absolutely incredible and she felt like a whole new person.  I told her that making love with entities or spiritual beings can happen through any portal in the body, the heart, the yoni, the throat, Spirit is indiscriminate.

This single session was such a powerful example of how joyful it can be to transform pain into pleasure!  The discomfort that had been building up in her body this past year, due to many COVID stresses, in her country, personal environment, and her family, and all the build-up from so many years before were now a thing of the past.  She now knows how to open herself up to the intimate love Spirit has for her, so that she can drop into pleasure.

This is exactly what I dropped into and experienced for myself last year at Christmas.  I learned that pleasure is always at my fingertips and it only takes a single breath to shift my perspective and open myself up to the presence sensuality provides.

I left that experience knowing that it was not my calling to become a mother in this lifetime.  What I’m called to nurture is the people who are already here on this planet at this time.  That’s you!  I’m called to support anyone who feels lost and confused.  Anyone who feels uncertain or doubtful, or anyone who simply wants to learn how to use their sexual energy to ignite their vitality. 

I do this with the Ancient Wisdom Approach, which is the approach to life that I offer women and men around the world.  It is deep wisdom that blends the Chinese 5 elements and the 4 phases of the moon.  When you know how to use these two systems, which are a part of your body’s function whether you are aware of them or not, you can create a wealth of vitality and sensual pleasure in your body.  No matter what you’ve been through or who you are, living your life according to the Ancient Wisdom Approach will have you moving on an upward trajectory.  Infused with the unconditional love of Yeshua I offer this wisdom to my clients with love and compassion.  

So this Christmas, as we enter the AGE OF AQUARIUS – and experience the Winter Solstice on Monday, December 21st….

I want to offer you this: 

The season is the same as last year – the holiday music is playing in the stores, the Christmas cookies are baking, and the families are gathering (whether in real life or on zoom). But something is off…

The world has shifted immeasurably this year – and that might call for a shift in the way you experience this holiday season. 

Instead of a consumer-driven frenzy, how about re-crafting the holiday around something a bit more…magical? 

I invite you to tune in and create a new kind of Christmas Miracle for yourself. 

If you need some ideas – here are some that don’t involve traveling to ancient pagan tombs 🙂 – but can still put you in touch with Source. 

Some Magic Ideas: 

Sing! – Sing Christmas songs, or Sanskrit chants, and make up your own songs. Sing anything that makes you feel aligned with Spirit and brings you great joy!

Craft! – Creativity is the essence of sexuality, it’s an opportunity to get curious, explore, to connect with yourself and others.  So even if you are painting ornaments for the Christmas tree or baking cookies with your nephews, the creative energy that surges through you and lights you up during these activities, is igniting your sexual frequency.

Kiss! – get under that mistletoe and kiss your Beloved like it will be the last kiss you ever have, kiss your kiddos, kiss your parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles (even if it’s a virtual kiss), and kiss your pets.  If you don’t have anyone to kiss, kiss yourself, your hands your feet, your arms, honor yourself, and love yourself like the amazing person you are.  If you don’t think you’re amazing, think of someone in your life who sees you that way and loves yourself from that perspective.

Adorn yourself! – Even if you have nowhere to go and no one to see, get dressed up.  Something changes inside of you when you change your outer appearance.  Looking sharp builds your inner confidence, so even in times of COVID lockdown, it’s important not to fall into the sweatpants routine.  Dress nice, put on some jewels, and walk around your house with your head held high.  You will get through this challenging time.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!  A lot of good character is being built among individuals right now.

Pray! – Or meditate, whatever your jam is, be sure not to gloss over it at this time.  Keep it at the top of your priority list.  My Dad reads the bible every morning – not my jam, but I can see how it keeps him very present, centered, and content all day long.  I meditate every evening, and chant and connect with Spirit through nature throughout the day.  What’s your way? (I would actually love to know your tradition – feel free to email me if you want to share ;). )

Tithe! – Since it is the season of giving, yet many folks don’t have much to give, it’s time to get extra creative with your tithing.  You could give a dollar to a person in need or you could give them a smile, a nod, or a God-bless.  Give them something so they feel seen and acknowledged.  Give everyone you encounter your presence, that is one of the biggest gifts you could give.

Light and Love to all of you this holiday season – And cheers to big changes, inner shifts, and all kinds of pilgrimages! 

Embodying The Queen- 3 Steps to Sovereignty in Sex, Love, and Life.

Do you harbor the mindset of a queen or a servant?

Due to the many thousands of years of oppression of the feminine that we are still recovering from as a human race, you may have the mindset of a servant, and that’s not your fault.  It’s been engrained by society and passed down from your foremothers, so cut yourself some slack and know that you have the power to shift to a Queen mindset should you choose to.  

If you’re like most women in the world, across time, space, and cultures, you have a very strong practice of giving up your own needs for the needs of others.  You may be in the habit of putting your partner’s needs, your children’s needs, and your boss’ needs ahead of your own.  

I can hear the justifications going off in your mind….“but I have to put my boss’ needs first or I’ll lose my job… I have to take care of my kids, or they will starve.”  I hear you, and I encourage you to ask yourself if that is really true?  Or is there another truth you could explore, in which you change your perception and pause long enough to nourish yourself before you feed your kids?  Could you take care of your body in some way before you begin the next task at work?  

Shifting to the Queen mindset does not have to be a massive overhaul, it doesn’t have to be a dramatic change.  It’s the subtle changes you make that give way to your life unfolding with a sense of sovereignty.  Uncovering the layers of doubt, fear, and shame that inhibit your sovereignty is the first step to embodying the Queen.

Let’s pause to define sovereignty

Sovereignty is the authority to govern one’s own life with authenticity.  This means that you make choices based on what you truly want and not because you feel pressured to do so. You pause throughout the day-long enough to make sure you are resourced.  You can be present with each moment and receive something joyful through the very act of being present. You have a strong connection to your body and you know when something feels off, whether physical or spiritual.

Don’t worry, you are not alone if this is something you are still finding your way to. Some people never claim their sovereignty, they spend their entire lives doing for others and making choices based on others’ needs and desires.  You may have been passed down a strong AND unconscious belief that you are not worthy of all the riches you wish you had….Riches in intimacy, riches in time and space to do the things you love.  Riches in health, home, and finances.

If this is not you, congratulations!  While you are in the minority you have done the inner work to break free from the invisible chains of feminine oppression, and just by doing this, you inspire others in your life to do the same. So, thank you!


But if that is not yet you, once you learn to embody the archetype of the Queen, you will quickly see that you are worthy of all those riches, and more!  No one will create it for you — that’s part of the Queendom you are evolving into, learning how to let go of anything that is not bringing you closer to your highest potential and receiving anything that is. 

You have everything you need within you to create a life where you are showered in blessings and gifted with grace, but you may need some support in learning how to use what’s in you.


The Three Steps

As you initiate yourself into Queendom there will be some decisions to make, there will be some things to let go of,there will be moments of expansion that you’ll doubt you are capable of, but rest assured; if you’re feeling stretched and uncomfortable you’re on the right path!

The Queen is the Empress of the heart. The heart and the small intestine are paired together in Chinese medicine and they are ruled by fire.  SO, since the small intestine is all about separating nutrients from waste (pure from impure), it gives you the magical powers of DISCERNMENT!  If the small intestine gets overwrought with too much to digest (in life, and on your plate), it will not have the space it needs to discern well. 


You may have heard of the gut-brain connection.  The brain in your head and the brain in your gut both have neuropathways that mirror each other. Well, this is it, discernment, knowing what is nourishing for you and what is toxic.  

Learning to discern and follow your truth brings you into a state of congruence, and when you are in that state life falls into place and the gifts reign down.  Your truth comes from your heart, which is also a neuro pathway center in your body.  These three brains; the head, heart, and gut all need to be in agreement about your relationship, your work, your health, your family, your home, and how you move through the world. Then you will be embodying the Queen.

The second step to embodying the Queen is mastering your discernment.  Get this super-power dialed in and you’ll eliminate a lot of pain and heartache that takes you off course and scatters your chi.  If something is not in alignment with you becoming the Queen of your own life then send it to the waste, don’t entertain it or let it into your heart space.  If something is showing up in support to you becoming the Queen, even if it scares you, say yes to it.

The third step to Queendom is receptivity.  Receiving is the feminine greatest power, yet most women are terrible at it. The truth is that receiving involves non-doing and non-doing has been highly undervalued for eons.  But here we are, learning how to receive as a collective. No matter your gender, becoming a master at receiving will change your life for the better. 


To begin your practice of receiving, close your eyes and tune into your sense of sound. Listen to the furthest away sound, then listen to the closest sound, then listen to the sound of your own breath.  Awaken your sensual ears and listen.  When you are truly listening, you are in the present moment and you can only receive what is happening in the present moment. You can receive sounds as a tangible practice, but you can also receive feelings, gifts, love, compliments, touch, and wisdom.  What are you receiving right now at this moment?

There are many layers to Embodying the Queen and there are many sectors of your life in which to do that. The question is, where do you need support in embodying the queen in your life right now?  Is it in multiple sectors or just a few specific ones?

No matter where you are in your journey to embodying the Queen, I’ve got you back and I’m here to support you in stepping into full regality and taking the throne of self-worth and expansion as your own.

Dreaming The Queen Awake- How to Align Your Sexuality, Spirituality, and Health to Achieve Your Highest Potential

A client I’ve been working with for about a year recently started seeing a man who treats her like a Queen. 

This being extremely unfamiliar territory for her, has left her wondering if she deserves it?  

Perhaps she should walk away from it.  

His showing of love affection, gifts, and inclusivity was feeling like too much and she needed some space to integrate it, but she was not sure how to ask for that space.  Instead of asking for what she needed, she considered walking away from the whole shebang. Thinking maybe she’s just meant to be alone.

Upon deeper inquiry, she came to understand that she had never been treated with such deep respect and reverence, and because it was so unfamiliar, she wasn’t sure how to navigate it.  

The creation of a new relationship with a partner who wants to give her the world was overwhelming.  Especially because the things he wants to give her are not necessarily the things she wants to be given.   

This is why I’m always telling folks, that when entering any new relationship, it’s VERY important to teach the other person how to speak your love language.  

The 5 Love Languages 

Here’s a quick review of the 5 love languages are:

  1. Acts of Service – you love when your sweetie takes the trash out for you, hangs the mirror when you ask them to, or gets your oil changed in your car when it’s time.  
  2. Words of Affirmation – You love when your sweetie tells you what a great mom you are, what an incredible cook you are, and how beautiful and smart you are.
  3. Gifts – You love when your sweetie brings you flowers, jewels, chocolates, and more.
  4. Physical Touch and Affection – You love when your sweetie caresses your arm, cuddles with you, and touches and kisses your face.
  5. Quality Time – You love when your sweetie spends time with you in a very present state, with no screens, and no distractions.

In general, when someone does not know your love language, they will shower you with their own love language or they will shower you with the love language they learned from a previous relationship.  

Basically, they are guessing, until you teach them how to love you.

One of the first things I recommend that all my coupled-up clients do is to read The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman together, so they can really begin to understand how their partner likes to be loved, which could be totally the opposite of how they like to be loved.

Honeymoon Phase

Every relationship is a blank canvas, and after the initial honeymoon phase is over, it’s time to slow things down enough to consider which paints you want to use, which brushes will serve you at this point in your life, and what colors you want to be looking at for years to come.

The honeymoon phase can last up to 2 years for some couples, but most women will begin to wonder where this is going at about 3-4 months. This is because of their wombs.  

At 3 months gestation, a woman knows if her pregnancy is going to hold or not and she can start making plans for her coming baby. 

 I believe because there is such a strong connection between the womb and the heart.   A woman’s heart starts to question where things are going with this exciting new connection, after 3 months (a trimester).  

What Love Language Are You? 

After a powerful private coaching session, my client realized that she had manifested her King, which took a lot of internal work on her part, so it would be better not to throw it all away. Instead, she would take a pause and figure out how to tell him what feels nourishing to her.  She needed plenty of time and space to herself, and though she was not 100% sure what her love language was yet, she knew that all the gifts he was bombarding her with were overwhelming her senses.  Gifts were not her love language, at least not the gifts he was giving.

Through our session, she found her Inner Queen, who gets to have love AND time to herself.  She does not have to apologize for who she is or where she is in her life. She does not have to hesitate before expressing her desires.  She CAN AND WILL state clearly what her needs are.

She awakened to the fact that other people’s feelings are not her responsibility and that she only has control over her own emotions.


If you’re wanting to explore your own Queendom – and feel into what it means to be the Queen of your own life –