Hello, Lovely Soul! Discover the Lunar Secrets: A Practical Guide to Embodied Womb Wisdom


The Tao of Business: How Cultivating Yin Energy at Work Can Address the Crisis of Burnout

And a new perspective on the Future of Work By Katharine Bierce With inspiration from Audrey Lorde, Rita Shimmin, Robert Horton, Rev. angel Kyodo Williams, bell hooks, adrienne maree brown, Lee Holden, Liya Garber, Dr. Willow Brown, Mimi Kuo-Deemer, Alexis Sheppherd, authentic relating, Aristotle, Buddha, Lao Tzu, and others The global coronavirus pandemic has shifted business, perhaps permanently. More and more thought workers are working from home. Some companies may not assign dedicated desks to workers ever again. And although many are suffering, for the top few percent, business is booming – especially among companies that facilitate remote work. And

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A Journey to the Heart of the Beloved

A leap of faith — that’s how I would describe the big plan I made two years ago. It was new, challenging, and somewhat scary… but I did it anyway. It was in October of 2021 that I decided to try my hand at tri-coastal living.   The big dream was to live between Maui, Santa Cruz, California, and Europe.  So I did just that. I spent 6 months in Maui, 4 months in Santa Cruz, and 3 months in Europe, a little over a year in total. What I have learned is…. in going after my BIG Dreams, I’ve discovered

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The 3 Types of Female Orgasms

Let’s Talk about Female Orgasms So female orgasms. What a great topic. Who doesn’t want to talk about female orgasms? So let’s talk about them. So, there are three kinds of female orgasms that can be had. When we talk about orgasms, there’s always this possible energetic orgasm. It’s not so much of a physical thing, but it’s like you can access orgasmic energy brushing your teeth or washing your hands or walking down a beautiful street and looking at the incredible trees that are on that street, you know, so you can really create an orgasmic experience with anything

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5 Taoist Principles To Help You Keep Your Cool During The Busiest Month Of The Year!

I’ve had a rebellious nature since I can remember.  If you say go left, I’ll go right. It’s just innate inside me and something I constantly have to keep in check. This rebellion of mine loves to rebell, but hates to get caught. Which is what happened to me the other day. There I was enjoying a rejuvenating day at the spa after being sick and working through a head cold all week. I had soaked… I had steamed… I had saunaed…. I had cold plunged…. I even caught some zzzz’z in the giant hammock….. I was so relaxed and

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What If You Can’t Manifest Your Goals For The New Year?

It’s A New Year, and a New Decade! If you are anything like me you are creating some lofty goals for this next round of the journey…  In 2020 I will be getting my Doctorate in Chinese Medicine and writing my first book.  If I can get around to creating my men’s course (The Allstar’s Guide to Understanding Women – A 2 Month Journey) it will be the cherry on top…. But no pressure on that. Let’s talk about manifesting for a moment.  This word is being thrown about so much these days that it’s starting to lose its magic. 

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