Hello, Lovely Soul! Discover the Lunar Secrets: A Practical Guide to Embodied Womb Wisdom

Do You Harbor the Mindset of a QUEEN...


Due to the many thousands of years of oppression of the feminine (that we're still recovering from as a human race), you may have the mindset of a servant... and that’s not your fault.

It’s been engrained by society and passed down from your foremothers, so cut yourself some slack and know that you do indeed have the power to shift to a Queen mindset should you choose to.

Would you like to discard the servant's mindset - and begin EMBODYING THE QUEEN IN YOUR OWN LIFE?

If the answer is yes, I want you to get yourself registered for my upcoming online retreat called DREAMING THE QUEEN AWAKE on Saturday June 12th — it's going to be a full day of exploration, pampering, and sisterly-support building.

Ask a friend to join you, if you like.

Who is this online retreat for?

This is for YOU if you’re tired of being modeled the role of the attentive Princess - if you’re ready to claim the power within the divine feminine and leave any posture of cowering behind.

The Queen archetype is what a fully mature, wise, and hard-working woman is MEANT to embody. If that is you, please join us.


Embodying the Queen in your life will help you to:

  • Step up and feel more confident in your career

  • Develop your take charge muscles

  • Recognize where you are relinquishing your Power, so you can stop the energetic leaks

  • Embrace the multiplicities within you, and stop fearing them

  • Stop living in a reactive mode, and instead move into a receptive, generative, healing one.

This event is FREE to register for and will take place over Zoom.

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the Queen Awake

This online event is focused on Real connection, live workshops, engaging play and movement led by 6 WISE AND WONDERFUL WOMEN - for one magical, irreplaceable day of beauty and becoming.

We will explore through:

Dance, Chi Gong, Embodied Art Practices, working with your shadow side, embracing the polarities within, Loving kindness massage, and so much more in this interactive embodiment and divine play space!

Dreaming into the Queen is the practice of paying attention to the inner landscape of your life.

This inner landscape is something that is so easily ignored in our day-to-day lives.

I’m inviting you to this live event and offering you the chance to slow down - and rebel against the busyness, by prioritizing your own inner connection to the divine feminine within each of us.

This event is FREE to register for and will take place over Zoom.

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the Queen Awake

Remember... the Queen makes her vision reality by making LOVE to it. You can reclaim your relationship to pleasure and birth your ideas and dreams through LOVE just like the archetype of the Queen. This event will help remind you HOW.