Hello, Lovely Soul! Discover the Lunar Secrets: A Practical Guide to Embodied Womb Wisdom

Do You Harbor the Mindset of a QUEEN...Or a Servant?

The Queen archetype embodies...


The Servant archetype within...


On Saturday June 12th...

Explore your inner wisdom and relax right out of the servant's mindset into something much truer.


Embodying the Queen at this online retreat will help you to...

+ Step up BECAUSE you feel more confident in your career / vocation / life path.

+ Harness your AMBITION without giving into burn out or entirely masculine ideas about what success takes.

+ Recognize where you are relinquishing your Power, so you can stop the energetic leaks.

+ Stop making decisions from a reactive mode, and instead move into a receptive, generative, and healing mode of life.

+ Create your own rituals for play, and connection to your core self.

+ Ask MORE INTERESTING questions of yourself - and receive more fruitful answers from within.


This event is FREE to register for and will take place over Zoom.

Who is this online retreat for?

For the woman who is TIRED and wants to try feeling WELL NOURISHED for once.

For the woman who is ready to trust that the PLEASURABLE aspects of life are just as fruitful, if not more so, for achieving your dreams.

This is for YOU if you’re sick of seeing the role of the attentive servant modelled all around you —

And you’re ready to claim all that a mature, wise woman is MEANT to embody - Her Fullest Feminine Self.

If that is you, please join us.

Together we will be exploring...

Dance, Chi Gong, Embodied Art Practices, working with your shadow side, embracing the polarities within, Loving kindness massage, and so much more in this interactive embodiment and divine play space!

Dreaming into the Queen is the practice of paying attention to the inner landscape.

This inner landscape is something that is so easily ignored in our day-to-day lives.

I’m inviting you to this live event and offering you the chance to slow down - and rebel against the busyness, by prioritizing your own inner connection to the divine feminine within all.

This event is FREE to register for and will take place over Zoom. 


Meet Our Workshop Hosts:

(More To Be Announced)

Embodying The Queen Through Art

Dr. Keira Barr

Workshop Time Slot:

12:10-12:55pm EST /

9:10 - 9:55am PST

Dr. Keira Barr - Author, Speaker, Coach, Dermatologist and Menopause Specialist will be with us to teach:

EMBODYING THE QUEEN THROUGH ART - Together in this workshop we will discover ways to take yourself out of fight or flight, and into openness and curious discovery.


You will learn….

  • How art can heal and reveal unconscious patterns that are holding you back
  • How to shut down the hormones that create stress (and affect your health and skin!)
  • To regard your imagination as a GPS for your passion and purpose.

The more open you are to expressing yourself, the more aware you become of what’s happening inside of you. Backed by evidence based research, this workshop can help you access your intuitive wisdom for guidance to express and release thoughts and emotions which can reduce stress, decrease pain and improve your health and wellbeing.

Awakening Your Intuition: A Journey Through Your Senses

Lisa White smile) - Lisa McCardle

Workshop Time Slot:

1:30 - 2:15pm EST /

10:30-11:15am PST

Lisa McCardle is an Ascension Guide, Soul Alchemist, Light Council Channel and creator of Inner Wisdom Awakening. She has been supporting the awakening of the consciousness of humanity for over 25 years as a transformational life coach and energy healer.

Awakening Your Intuition: A Journey Through Your Senses

Together we will activate your third eye for greater intuitive sight. Moving from the matrix of your mind to embody heightened senses and sensitivity as you set your compass to your new true north. Receive clarity with confidence as you gain answers for your next greatest steps forward.

You’ll experience:

- How to move out of the mind and into your truth by landing in the resonance of your bodies frequency.

- How to elevate and trust your greatest gift of intuition

- Land in resonance and harmony of your absolute truth through a process of expanding your feeling state and leaving "thinking" behind

Your take away will be the tools needed for moving beyond the mind to access your soul's truth and an expanded knowledge of how to trust your Inner Wisdom.

Abhyanga and Breathwork -Breathing Yourself Awake

Sunnybiopic2016 - Mamayurveda and Mamayurveda Medicinals

Workshop Time Slot:

2:30-3:15pm EST /

11:30-12:15pm PST

Sunny Rose Healey - Sunny has also been a student of life, birth and medicine under the tutelage of indigenous medicine teachers, and magnificent midwives. She has an Ayurvedic Medicine practice and herbal medicine company in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she lives with her husband and two young children, She will be with us to teach: 

Abhyanga and Breathwork -Breathing Yourself Awake

Together in this workshop we will learn the ancient practice of abhyanga (oil massage). Abhyanga is a special way of massaging medicated oil into the body, and can performed by a trained therapist, or practiced on oneself.

This is my absolute, number one, favorite practice for self care from the wisdom of Āyurveda.

It slows the aging process of the entire body and the especially the skin. It relieves pain, stress, anxiety, and supports sound sleep. It is also one of the most important practices for postpartum moms. I’ll show you how to do the practice and mention how you can use it with young children as well.

At the end of our session, we’ll put aside our learning minds and I’ll lead you into a grounding breath practice to close.

You Will Learn:
1. The benefits, indications and contraindication of doing abhyanga on yourself
2. Exactly how to practice abhyanga and what kinds of oils might be best for you
3. Three breathing practices (prānāyāma) from the wisdom of yogic and ayurvedic science that you can do just about anytime.

You will walk away from our session with two powerful, vitality boosting rituals you can begin add to your daily routine immediately!

Healing Your Sacred Slut through Pussy Consciousness

Yanique-Bell-Tantra-Sex-Coach-Satin-4 - Yanique Bell (1)

Workshop Time Slot:

3:30-4:15pm EST /

12:30 - 1:15pm PST

Yanique Bell is a Tantric Intimacy and Empowerment Coach, also known as the Pussy Queen. She helps wild-hearted womxn reclaim their pussies and unlock their sacred potential.

Healing Your Sacred Slut through Pussy Consciousness

Are you ready for a reckoning? Together in this workshop, we'll be exploring the power of Pussy and your sexual energy to heal deep wounds and restore your soul’s original essence.

You’ll experience:

1. The power of words and identity in orgasmic healing

2. What your sacred slut is and why she matters

3. And a guided breathwork and self-pleasure practice to activate Pussy Consciousness and kickstart your healing and reclamation journey

Cradled between your thighs is everything you need to crack your world right open...

The Journey to Amrita: Exploring What is POSSIBLE for Every Woman's pleasure 

Leah Piper

Workshop Time Slot:

5-5:45pm EST / 2-2:45pm PST

Leah Piper -Tantra educator and founder of More Love Seminars, will be with us to teach: 

The Journey to Amrita: Exploring What is POSSIBLE for Every Woman. 

Leah Piper is going to show you how to take your self-pleasure to new heights - 

Together in this workshop we will engage our senses, understand our bodies in ways that were NEVER taught in class, and release old ways of thinking about our sensuality.

 You will learn….

  1. What AMRITA represents and how unlocking it clears old traumas from your chakras 
  2. How to do this self pleasure practice (with or without a partner) 
  3. How reclaiming autonomy over your pleasure is a reclamation of the divine feminine.

You don’t have to “amrita” to embody the queen - but I’m betting you’ll have some fun exploring it!

The Queen Has Many Faces - Polarity Integration For Scattered Minds

Headshot 2 Kyer 2018

Workshop Time Slot:

6-6:45pm EST / 3-3:45pm PST

Claire Rumore - Coach, counselor, Senior faculty member & Co-Director at the Shakti Shiva Academy, will be with us to teach: 

The Queen Has Many Faces - Polarity Integration. 

The Queen is hardly one quality or expression.  She is many.  And they can be quite contradictory and even polarized. Yet the Queen needs all her qualities. And we need the Queen.  

In this class you will learn….

  1. What your understanding of the Queen currently is and how to express Her more fully.
  2. How to unlock the power of the dual forces at play within you called Polarities. 
  3. A body-based polarity processing practice for integrating and embodying all the different expressions of the Queen within you. 

This will be an informative and playful container held by two experts in the field of psychology and pattern resolution - Dr. Willow Brown and Claire Rumore. We will gently shine light on your polarities so that you can feel and experience more wholeness in your body, mind, and soul.



Would You like to discard the servant's mindset - and begin EMBODYING THE QUEEN IN YOUR OWN LIFE?

If the answer is yes, I want you to get yourself registered for my upcoming online retreat called DREAMING THE QUEEN AWAKE on Saturday June 12th — it's going to be a full day of exploration, pampering, and play.

Ask a friend to join you, if you like.

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the Queen Awak e -

Saturday June 12th

This online event is focused on Real connection, live workshops, engaging play and movement led by 6 WISE AND WONDERFUL WOMEN TO BE ANNOUNCED SHORTLY - for one magical, irreplaceable day of beauty and becoming.

If you cannot attend live, but want to access the event recordings, YOU MUST be pre-registered - so still sign yourself up!