Hello, Lovely Soul! Discover the Lunar Secrets: A Practical Guide to Embodied Womb Wisdom

Eliminate Erotic Suffering

An Online Training!

Free Your Natural Erotic Essence and Step Into Your Highest Vibration.

You may think that you are not a very sexual person - that you don’t have a strong drive.

OR you may think that your sexual nature is too much and overwhelms others.

Either way, You’re in the right place to clear out the shame, self-doubt, and pain of Erotic Suffering.

For eons, Sexuality has been cast aside as something evil, sinful and bad. It’s been hidden away, making those who like to look dirty, lascivious, and guilty. It’s been demonized by religious orders around the world, profaning the sacredness within it.

This has left people in a state of anxiety, depression, fear, doubt, and shame due to the inauthenticity that comes with having to squelch, hide or dampen sexuality.

You can help turn this shame ship around by Eliminating your Erotic Suffering and liberating your erotic essence.

Eliminate Erotic Suffering is a powerful online course that helps you stop:

-Holding back your sexuality for fear of being cat-called or judged as a slut?

-Hiding your brightest light, for the comfort of others.

-Fearing vulnerability - which is where the real juice is!

When you practice the sexual secrets of Eliminate Erotic Suffering you begin to:

-Open up to your greatest potential

-Experience more depth and greater connection in Love.

-Fill yourself with so much pleasure that there’s no room left for pain.


You’ll Learn

Taoist Sexual Secrets


- Sacred Breast Massage

- Jade Egg Remedy

- Pussy Health 101

- Masculine Power Within

- Feminine Power Within

Powerful Self Love Practices


-Liberate your sexuality and watch hormonal problems disappear!

-Feel sexy, even in your p.j’s 

-Experience your perfect weight 

-Enjoy clear skin 

-Keep your energy high 

-Ride orgasmic energy longer and stronger than ever before!

Tantric Art of Sex Magic


-Fast Track Your Dreams

-Create more trust in your relationships

-Call in Your Beloved

-Experience deep blissful intimacy

-Manifest abundance, prosperity, and joy

-Enter into LIGHT 

-Be Enlightened

Are you ready to stop holding back your sexuality for fear of being cat called, leered at, jeered at or being named a slut?

Is it time to stop hiding your brightest light, for the comfort of others?

Are you primed to open yourself up to your greatest potential?

Erotic suffering is a condition that has been passed down from previous generations; it is a cellular response to unwanted advances, it is what has you shut down your power in order to stay safe.

It blocks you from being vulnerable, and when you can’t be vulnerable you can’t go deep.The world around you is calling you to go deeper than ever before and in order to do that you must Eliminate Erotic Suffering

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