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Low libido

Beyond the Bedroom: Understanding Low Libido

You are not alone if you feel your sex drive isn't what it used to be. Statistics show 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men report struggling with low libido.

But what exactly constitutes "low?" Desire fluctuates naturally over time. Having an open discussion about your libido requires moving beyond simplified labels.

The truth is, many intricacies influence arousal and sexual response. Nearly half of women experience some form of sexual dysfunction, ranging from little to no desire for sex, difficulty getting aroused, unable to orgasm or pain during intercourse, leaving folks feeling broken and alone - even those within relationships.

Low libido isn't necessarily about chronically not wanting sex. It can manifest as a mismatch between your drive and your partner's, situational issues with arousal, negative views about sex, side effects from health conditions, medications, hormonal imbalances or low self-esteem.

While a lagging libido can be frustrating, the good news is many lifestyle changes, therapies and treatment options are available. You don't have to suffer through this alone.

I invite women and men struggling with sexual desire issues to open up with me in a safe, judgment-free space. Through compassionate listening and science-backed solutions, we can help you reclaim a fulfilling, rewarding intimate life.

Together, we'll get to the heart of what low libido means for YOU - then map out realistic, holistic steps so you can find that spark within you and feel more alive in your body than ever before.

I love nothing more than supporting my patients as they embrace their unique sexuality without shame or isolation.

You deserve to feel satisfied, connected and seen for ALL of who you are

Hormonal Imbalances

Bringing Harmony Back: When Hormones Affect Your Sex Life

Hormones are powerful chemicals that orchestrate nearly everything our bodies do, including our sexual response. Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and others signal desire, arousal, pleasure and even intimacy with our partners.

If these vital hormones fall out of balance due to health conditions, aging or life changes, it can significantly impact couples’ connectedness as well as individual contentment.

Hormonal imbalances can lead to decreased libido and erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation in men. Women may see symptoms such as vaginal dryness, pain or discomfort. And people of any gender can experience inability to climax, emotional volatility, isolation or stress regarding physical intimacy, and body image issues due to changes in appearance.

The good news is hormone imbalance leading to sexual dysfunction is highly treatable. What you eat, how you think and the emotional state you spend the majority of your time in can make all the difference in restoring your hormonal happiness. Through lifestyle, dietary shifts, stress reduction, supplements, and science-backed medical interventions specific to your needs, you can recalibrate your system to a whole new understanding of what sexuality and desire are.

You don’t have to live with a disconnected body or suffer silently with shame. Achieve whole-person health by realigning your hormones - then welcome vitality back into the bedroom again. On this sensitive journey to become your best self, I provide compassionate support you can trust, every step of the way. Let’s have an open conversation about optimizing your sexual wellbeing through balanced hormones.

Improving Intimacy

Cultivating Lasting Intimacy Through Spiritual Presence

Intimacy begins from within. It goes beyond the connection between two people and encompasses the relationship with yourself and Spirit. When you tap into this deeper wellspring, incredible self-understanding and fulfillment with your partner becomes possible.

The pillars upholding real intimacy are trust, vulnerability and presence. Do you trust that the universe has your highest good in mind? Even when life gets painful, can you believe you are exactly where you need to be for growth? By building your spiritual confidence first, you create space for honesty and openness between partners.

With non-judgmental self-reflection, you can clarify your authentic desires and ask openly for their manifestation while remaining present through all that unfolds. The signs and trials paving the way to your truth require mindfulness to decode. But by learning life’s language, you let go of resentments about the past and fears for the future.

I guide women and men to connect with their higher selves through sacred practices. As you awaken to your soul’s purpose, intimacy ceases to be about merely “keeping the spark alive”. It becomes a pathway to embodying your divine essence and seeing that same divine light within your lover.

Are you ready to transform the relationship by healing your relationship with Spirit first? Let’s have a soulful dialogue about what beckons your heart so we can walk the path of intimacy together.

When you nourish intimacy, intimacy nourishes you. Schedule a consultation so we can begin the reconnection process - toward the spiritually fulfilling partnership you deserve.

Your Sexual Essence

Your sexuality is the most potent creative energy you have access to and it carries your essence.

What is your essence? It is the bright light in you that shines unapologetically, the one who makes choices from a place of love rather than fear. The one who trusts, who knows without a shadow of a doubt that everything that comes to you is for your growth and evolution. When your essence is alive and intact your sexuality sovereignty is alive and well supporting you in creating anything your heart desires.

This level of sovereignty gives you the authority to make choices in your life that are right for you, regardless of what others want for you or from you.

When your sexual essence is not nurtured and tended to you will experience burnout, resentment, and massive self-doubt, all of which will reflect in your outer life in the form of dissatisfaction in love, relationships and intimacy, among other life challenges.

The more authentic you are willing to be on your journey toward sexual sovereignty the more life will show up to reward with blessings that are beyond your wildest dreams.