Hello, Lovely Soul! Discover the Lunar Secrets: A Practical Guide to Embodied Womb Wisdom

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As a graduate, you have selected to continue your involvement inside this empowering proram! Below is your subscription link of $33.00 a month to continue your journey. 


  • All bi-weekly calls with Dr. Willow
  • Tea Talks with Charlotte
  • Monthly Rituals with Amanda
  • All Modules, Sex Magic Practices, Yoga Videos, and call recordings
  • Bonus programs inside of Living Sexology
  • Connection with members in Telegram and Mighty Networks
  • and MORE!

What You Get

Complete Taoist Sexology Video Library:

These videos guide you through practices taught in Taoist Sexology. As you move your body, emotional healing will occur! You will release irritability, shame and doubt from your body, so that healing of your heart, breasts, ovaries, and womb can occur.

Willow's "Eat Right for Your Hormones" Cook Book

This is not just any cookbook; it is a wealth of information for your nutritional well-being! It includes a 30-day meal plan for easy reference of what meals to prepare at what times of your hormonal cycles. Remember menstruating or not you still have a cycle!

4 Sexual Awakening Sessions (** Only for Platinum Members)

These personal coaching calls will ensure you are progressing toward your goals and keeping on task. You will meet with Willow every 3 months in order to unravel a new layer of healing and dive deeper into your confidence.

Sacred Cycles Group Calls

These calls are powerful and transformational. Many women have told me that this is their favorite part of the program. The patterns they have played out for so long begin to change. They stop attracting unavailable men, constantly self-criticizing, and living with “lack mentality.” When you bring current questions to these calls everyone benefits, and you get lifted up by your community.

Endocrine Herbal Support ($500 Value) (** Platinum & Star Level Only)

We will do a full assessment to guide you toward greater energy and vitality. We will support your endocrine and immune systems, because they are the foundation to feeling amazing in your body and emotions.

Discover the Ancient Art of the Jade Egg

The jade egg is for vaginal healing, strength and to enhance your pleasure, as well as help you manifest your desires! I will walk you through the use of your egg, early on in the program, so that you can keep using it for the rest of your life!

Your Living Sexology Guide Book (Hard Copy)

A beautiful, illustrated reference book to keep you alligned with the practices and flow of the Ancient Wisdom Approach every single day - so that you can TAKE IT WITH YOU whereever you go. Even without internet access.

Live Immersions and Worldwide Retreats (Up to $275 Off)

This is your chance connect and dive deep with women who share your goals and desires as you uncover your queenly rights of abundance in love, sex, and vitality. This "coupon" of $275 off any retreat or Immersion never expires! So if you decide to use it a couple years after you finish Living Sexology we will still honor it.

Women's Circle of Power - Private Online Community

The supportive women in this group will encourage you through the process. They will lovingly hold you accountable in taking the steps you need to take in order to co-exist in a deeply loving and powerfully intimate relationship. Only women who have studied Taoist Sexology are in this group.