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heart wide open

Feeling Broken Hearted?

If You're Experiencing a Sense of Loss or Alone-ness in Your Life or Relationship...

Heartbreak Sucks! There's No Way Around It - You Must Go Through It.

Is It Time for You to Break Your Heart Wide Open?

If You're exhausted by feelings of anger, despair, hurt, or vulnerability, and you've Been Yearning for a Deep Heart Connection With Yourself, your life, and a Partner AND ARE READY TO DO THE INNER WORK - Then You’re in the Right Place!

No matter what kind of loss, or how many you’ve suffered, whether it was the loss of a family member, friend, a lifestyle or a career, this potent 4-week self paced course will help you shift from the heart ache that gnaws away at your soul... and into a trusting, open hearted way of living - a way that attracts love.

Breaking through the pain of a deep loss means that you cross the threshold from grief, resentment, fear and doubt....

Into compassion, acceptance, gratitude and forgiveness.

When you are guided by gratitude once again, you know that you've successfully broken your heart wide open.

That is exactly what this program is here to help you do!

Heart Wide Open

A 4 Week Transformational Program

To bring you into your inner work - and deep healing

Heart Wide Open Is Your Chance to Dive Deeper Into a Fully-embraced Intimate Relationship With Yourself.

If you’re ready to invite your heart to open, release anger, feel supported to face your fears, and reconnect to your powerful inner wisdom, then you’re in the right place!

This 4 week coaching program will guide you on your journey to finding, keeping, and staying happy hearted, even if your heart has been broken a thousand times.

If you’re already in a relationship, but find yourself wishing it was different or better, this journey into the center of your soul is where you can safely unleash your shadows and discard your patterns - so that you're led to a love so deep your current relationships will have to follow.


You'll how to use ancient tools and your inner wisdom to navigate through any loss you’ve suffered, and are not fully healed from so that you NO LONGER FEEL stuck, shameful, reclusive, or overly protective of your heart space.

You have NOT gone all the way through the heartbreak when you:

  • Feel pissed off about the situation
  • Are sad or depressed it did not work out
  • Can’t seem to stop talking about the person or situation
  • Ruminate on the story in your mind, “ if only this had been different…”
  • Have blown it off without really grieving the loss
  • Keep attracting similar people or situations that repeat the patterns

There is hope beyond these stuck states!


Are You Ready to Heal Your Broken Heart and Step Beyond Your Hurt, Fear, Grief and Anger?

You HAVE broken your heart wide open when you:

  • Feel grateful for the experience and all that it taught you
  • Have re-birthed into the new you and integrated the lessons into your life.
  • Can easily talk about that person or situation without emotional charge
  • Can sit in silence and send that person or situation love
  • Don’t wake up with them as the first thing on your mind
  • Attract new “types” of people who don’t trigger your patterns of trauma.
  • Feel at peace with the “trauma” you went through.

Are You Ready to Release the Protective Habits That Keep You From moving through your heartbreak and into True Love and Vulnerability as a source of power?


Whether you are recovering from family trauma, sexual abuse, ingrained shame, unworthiness, self-hatred, or simply shutdown sexually since day one - you have a place at our table. We welcome ALL of you and believe in your ability to heal yourself completely.

It doesn’t matter if you feel broken, lost, confused or hopeless, we invite you to focus on the vital issues that keep you shut-down, cynical and playing small.

Your path to epic love and satisfying sex is through the doorway of pain and darkness.

So step forward and say YES to Breaking YOUR Heart Wide Open, so that you can meet your next relationship (or your current one) with wisdom, wholeness, and curiosity.

Raise Your Hand if You’re Fed Up With Feeling….

  • Emotionally negative and out of control
  • Frustrated with attracting unavailable partners
  • Alone in your failed attempts at creating lasting intimacy
  • Like a crazy-person half the time
  • Less than...due to bad skin, weight, and overall self-image
  • Unworthy of deep intimate connection and love
  • Fatigued due to the demands of life

If Your Hand Is Up, You Are in Good Company!

Raise Your Other Hand if You’re Ready to Feel...

  • That you are worthy and you are enough
  • real handle on your emotional state
  • A deep intimate connection with yourself and your partner
  • Pain-free…. even pleasure!
  • Your finger on the pulse of what’s really going on with your emotions
  • More confidence in yourself
  • Less arguing in your love life
  • A healthy desire for sexplorations and partnership
  • Deeply contented and truly satisfied

Honey, if Both of Your Hands Are Up, We’ve Got You Covered!

You, as a human being are called - right now - to go inward and to begin unraveling the mess that was laid down upon you when you were just a child. It’s not your fault, but it is your responsibility to reclaim self- love.

It’s high time you stop wasting your vital life force energy on the same old song and dance, and start discovering who you are without all the protective layers that keep you attracting failure after failure and loss after loss.

You are too precious and life is too important to waste another day in the habits that keep you from loving your life and being the happiest person you know.

Investment in this program is $333.00 so that all who are in need can participate in this timely and important work.

If you’re reading this then Spirit is telling you to rise out of the mire and muck so that you can be free of the emotional pain and trauma you’ve had to endure.

The voice inside you is stronger than ever and there is no time to waste, it’s time to spread your wings and start living the life you came to live.

What You Will Learn:

Module 1 - Your Parent’s Relationship on Repeat

We will start by looking at how your very first intimate relationships you ever experience, which is that of your parents. It sets up a pattern that affects your relationship with Yourself, Your intimate partner(s), Your work, Your friends, Your family, and Your health.

You’ll finally understand and truly see how the protective patterns you’ve built up around yourself are not your fault and how you CAN live without them.

You’ll learn the 3 potent and simple yet highly under-utilized practices that will help you break these patterns for good.

Module 2 -The 5 Original Wound Patterns

The Original Wound Patterns are "strategies" you developed as a child to protect you from more trauma.

These Wound Patterns evolve from your first trauma. Keep in mind your experience may not be categorized as a “trauma” by the world around you, but if you experienced it as trauma then the protective pattern was formed.  .

We will discuss these 5 Pattern Types, so you can see your part in the creation of your painful life experiences.  Knowing your pattern type is imperative to healing your habits, and keeps you from re-creating the same pain over and over in your life.

Module 3 - Spiritual Partners

It’s one thing to find your Beloved, but it’s quite another to keep them and even more of a feat if you keep them and stay happy with them.

In this module you’ll learn invaluable lessons from the ancient wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism on intimacy and relationships that come from “The Goddess Code,” an ancient text.

You'll learn how to create an inner congruence, so that you can experience a sense of knowing what you want in relationship without questioning it, or apologizing for it.

This will give you the foundation to maintain a beautiful loving Spiritual Partnership.

Module 4 - Ancient Wisdom Approach

The Ancient Wisdom Approach is my tried and true method for living a life you love, co-creating with the world, and meeting your soul's deepest desires.

Becoming the happiest person you know is certainly an inside job that only you can do, and in order to get there you’ve got to Break Your Heart Wide Open.

The Ancient Wisdom Approach is an integral part of this journey, it is the GPS to love, longevity, health, wealth and happiness.  It is how my clients and I keep our lives moving in an upward spiral.

Sure, things come up and old wounds get activated, but when you know the Ancient Wisdom Approach, you know how to come back to your truth with ease and grace.

You'll start to see the world around you shift to match this new inner landscape.

Safely unleash your shadows and replace your unhealthy your patterns -