Hello, Lovely Soul! Discover the Lunar Secrets: A Practical Guide to Embodied Womb Wisdom

Jade Egg Remedy

Stand Empowered in Your Sexuality

The Jade Egg Remedy program is uniquely designed to increase your pussy’s pleasure, by awakening the various erogenous zones within your yoni.

It’s time to ignite your orgasmic potential. Your sense of confidence & self-love will grow exponentially with this life-changing approach to self-pleasure. 


Girlfriend, If Your Hand Is Up, You Are in Good Company! 90% of the Amazing Women You Know Are Suffering from These Same Things. 


Honey, If Both of Your Hands Are Up, We’ve Got You Covered!


My lineage is from Taoist Sexology, which is the origin of the Jade Egg practice.

This ancient philosophy sees sex as medicine, or rather, as an opportunity to cultivate sexual energy and create optimal vitality in your body. 

Don’t worry, Love, if you’re thinking you don’t have any sexual energy left, trust me, if you have breath in your body, you have sexual energy! My biggest joy in life is to teach you how to use the sexual energy you do have to create even more of it. 

Time To Meet Your
Internationally Recognized Teacher Of The Jade Egg. 

Dr. Willow Brown


to the world in which I live, one that is fueled by the art of Taoist sexual practices. Where everything has meaning and there are no mistakes made, only an ever-present, streaming flow of life.

I’m a Chinese Medicine doctor and an internationally recognized Teacher of Taoist Sexology. 

I blend modalities, such as Taoist Yoga, Qi Gong, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Cranial-Sacral and Sacred Sexuality. This journey into women’s health and wellness began for me at age 13 and I never looked back. 

I live to educate myself on the physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of a woman’s precious journey through life, so that I can share that knowledge with you.

I believe that every step you take is invaluable to your journey through life. And each step leads to the next, which ultimately has brought you here.

If you are reading this, then I want to praise you for the inner work you have done on yourself. 

Not every woman is ready to receive a life-changing practice such as this one, but you are!

I know from my own journey with painful periods, irregular cycles, cystic acne, unwanted pregnancies from rape, and years of self-doubt and abuse that finding your way to a balanced landscape can feel overwhelming and daunting, even isolating at times.

I am here to tell you that you’re not alone, my Love. 

There is no need for you to figure out the complicated inner landscape of your hormones by yourself.

I am here with you. You need not feel isolated anymore! 

Praise For The Egg


Being a Chinese Medicine Doctor and Studying with the Most Prominent Taoist Teachers in the World Has Given Me a Wealth of Wisdom and Insight into the Human Body and Soul.

The Jade Egg Remedy - In’s & Out’s

This 7-week program (4 modules and 3 live classes) guides you in how to ease into the practice fully and to gracefully eliminate the emotional imbalances that keep your intimate life stuck!

It’s designed to take you on a journey into the depth of your soul. Into the most ancient wisdom you possess.

In each Yoni Temple (module) you will enter the Sacred Space of the Yoni to support the healing of your physical & emotional system from the inside out.

You will learn all the techniques you need to transform your blocked and stuck femininity into a flowing river of pleasure, bliss, and ease that you can continue to trust and expand into, like a beautiful red rose opening to the light of the sun. 

Live Opening Temple

We will do the Mayan 20 count to help us cast sacred space so that you will be held in a solid container as you learn to allow your life to be guided by the powerful energy in your yoni.

We meet live for the Opening Temple of the Jade Egg Remedy Course, which is designed to: 

Yoni Temple 1:

March 11th
How To Manifest Your Dreams With The Jade Egg Without Spending Hours In Meditation

Yoni Temple 2:

March 18th
Building Your Dream Life With The Goddess At Your Side

Orgasmic Enlightenment Panel

March 25th, 10:00 am PST

It’s a live panel about the many styles of orgasms every pussy is capable of having. You will hear from:

Yoni Temple 3:

Ignite Your Drive Even When You’re Not Feeling It
April 1st

Yoni Temple 4:

Reclaiming Your Erotic Delight & Please-Her
April 8th

Live Closing Temple

April 15th, 10:00 am PST
We will close the container that has held us these last 7 weeks. We’ll prepare for what’s next and how you can integrate the Jade egg practice into your life.

In Addition…

But we’re not done yet!

Receive these bonuses to further support your Jade Egg Practice:

Becoming An Ambassador of Yin
[ $27 ]

In this quick tutorial you will learn the importance of deeply embracing your femininity and the power it holds for your whole life, not just your sexuality.

Creating a Sacred Space, calling in the elements [ $97 ]

You can use this for any ritual or ceremony you create. Calling in elemental support with intention and prayer is a powerful way to co-create with the universe. Remember that no matter what you are calling in, it will come with ease if it is in your highest good.

Reigniting Your Feminine Body
[ $37 ]

Do this bonus after you have gone through the course, and take stock on what you have cleared. Letting go of shame, guilt & fear allows you to make space in the cells of your body for pride, love and faith. Becoming more whole as you create new relationships with all the sexual centers in your body.

Overall Value Of Jade Egg Remedy

7 YONI temples
(4 modules, 3 live classes)


Private Jade Egg Remedy Community


Becoming An Ambassador of Yin


Creating a Sacred Space, calling in the elements

$ 97

Reigniting Your Feminine Body

$ 37

TOTAL : $2,938
I truly believe in the power of this work, and while traditionally it was only for royalty, my mission is to spread it across nations, so I can offer this course for
But like I said, it is my passion to make this medicine accessible and affordable to all, so my offering to you for this course is:

Course Only


Essential Level


Star Level

Dr. Willow’s single coaching session alone is worth $300, so this package is a huge STEAL!

After You Enroll You’ll Get…

Got Questions… Like These, Perhaps?

A: Each Yoni Temple is around 1 hour.

Daily practices are between 5-10 min.

Some women dedicate 20-30 minutes and see massive results.

The more you put in the more you get out. 

A: I have yet to see a woman who use these practices regularly complain that nothing is changing. You will see changes in your intimate life and your ability to magnetize your mate, even if you’ve been with him for years!
A: If, after 4 days of purchase you realize this program is not for you we will give you a refund of $250.