Hello, Lovely Soul! Discover the Lunar Secrets: A Practical Guide to Embodied Womb Wisdom

Private Coaching

If you're feeling a calling to uplevel your sexuality and love-life, it may be time to seek support on your journey. After coming a long way, your inner wisdom may be telling you to take the next step towards your personal growth. With the right guidance, you can embrace this new phase of your life and unlock the full potential of your sexuality and love-life. Let me help you navigate this journey and empower you to reach your goals.

Whether your needs are:

★  Physical (libido & hormones)

★  Emotional (shame, guilt, mistrust)

★  Spiritual (seeking equanimity)

★  Circumstantial (long-term relationship that is not working)


Willow has got your back!

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When you work with Dr. Willow privately you get the most holistic guidance possible to love, sex, and intimacy. She works with individuals and couples to overcome shame, guilt and self doubt that keep you playing small in your love life. We all want to find a partner in life who can meet us and see us at the deepest level, and Dr. Willow has the formula. She will teach you how to use it and when to implement it as you magnetize your Beloved to your beautiful heart temple.

If you are already in a relationship and need help creating more connection and intimacy, she will teach you the tools you have been missing, and show you how to massage them into your everyday life, so that you and your partner grow together, rather than apart.

With a judgment-free approach, Dr. Willow creates a safe and welcoming space for you to explore your vulnerabilities and overcome any obstacles that may be hindering your personal growth.

Through her Ancient Wisdom Approach, based in Taoist, Buddhist, and Vedic Wisdom, Willow helps you release layers of shame and oppression to awaken your inner radiance and sexual vitality.

Her private coaching packages consist of one-hour sessions and personalized home practices. These are recorded and stored along with your notes, meditations and any visual guides inside your members area. You can refer back to these anytime to keep you on track towards true connection with your goals, dreams and desires in love, sex and intimacy.

You'll discover who you truly are without the voices of doubt, fear, and insecurity that hold you back, recover from past trauma, and forgive yourself and others, enabling you to form a new connection to your sexuality. If you're ready to break free from habitual patterns and unlock the potential for true love and intimacy, let Dr.Willow guide you towards your personal transformation.



“I was very drawn to Willow’s holistic approach to health, which includes biological, mental, emotional and spiritual health. After hearing about her work, I chose to have her help me with pelvic floor release. This is a very intimate experience for all the categories of health, and somewhat out of my comfort zone. Willow put me at ease immediately with both her extensive knowledge and her very grounded personality. Her extensive knowledge of massage, acupuncture and acupressure all blended to make for a powerful experience. The number of blocks that she helped me clear and the comprehension that dawned were truly profound… so much so that I booked another session. At the risk of sounding too woo-woo, I walked away feeling transformed."    - Heather 


“Sending a note of love and gratitude to you mamasita (Willow), for the role you are playing in my life of great transformation.. I am not the same person I was 5 months ago.. I am different.. I feel different.. My first hour and last hour of each day is dedicated to breathing and moving into my body and aligning my mind and soul.. it's a pleasure to wake up to your soothing voice, wellness practices and insights.. I feel whole and stronger each day…” - Carol


“This journey has been amazing! The biggest change is my relationship to my sexuality. I’m not broken! Up until the last week, I thought I was broken and needed fixing. But through this work, I had a revelation the other day and realized that I was never broken in the first place. My sexuality wasn’t broken, and my femininity wasn’t broken. It’s been lying dormant and beautiful underneath a lot of unpleasant junk. And, thanks to Willow I’ve cleared away lots of the junk. There’s still some that remains, but I now have the tools to deal with it.” - Amanda


“Words are not enough to express my joy and bliss to think I'm finally fulfilling this quest to know my inner Beloved. I am so Grateful to Willow for leading me on this path to know myself, and truly love ALL of me as I deserve.” - Anita


“So much of life is lived in old patterns. Reaching for things out of habit. And thanks to Willow, I have the tools (physical, emotional, and spiritual) to STICK with this lifestyle change, and feel amazing forever!!” - Amanda


“I'm thrilled to express my gratitude for Willow's wonderful guidance, her support has really made a positive difference in my life. I truly appreciate all the precious gifts and wisdom she shared with me. She helped me navigate to the next phase in my life with more grace, humor and my relationship… and it's working!” - Julia


“Working with Willow has completely expanded my perception of my body’s physiology and energetic fields, in relationship with the greater rhythms of nature and the universe. The tools she shared have been easy to apply to my life. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have received jewels of her wisdom!!!” - Moriah Melin


“In moments where others might get flustered or awkward, Willow remains a calm pillar of unconditional love and acceptance. She helped my partner and I in so many ways. We were instantly able to drop into a judgement free zone of raw authenticity with her. Willow provided the structure, accountability and perspective that my partner I needed in order to begin our sacred sexual journey. As a society, we are yearning for a more aligned way to express ourselves sexually. People like Willow will help facilitate this important transition. Thank you Willow for being a radiant example of what life looks like when you embrace pleasure and sexuality!” - Female CEO


Options for Private Coaching

Bi-Weekly Sessions

We meet every other week for roughly 1 hour, it is recorded, you will be given homework, practices and tools to implement in between. You have full email access to Dr. Willow during your ongoing private coaching support.

Weekly Sessions

We meet every week for roughly 1 hour, it is recorded, you will be given one simple practice to do before the following week. You have full email access to Dr. Willow during your ongoing private coaching support.

As part of the private coaching package with Dr. Willow she may recommend other lifestyle shifts like diet or herbal protocols, especially if there is a hormonal imbalance or low libido that needs to be addressed. Any herbs ordered will be marked at a 20% discount.

We highly recommend you re-watch your sessions, especially if you are on the bi-weekly schedule. It will reinforce the practices given by Dr. Willow.

As a VIP client Dr. Willow is invested in your evolution. She will guide you step by step to the next level of your sexual sovereignty. This journey is about you, so please show up for yourself with presence and compassion.