Hello, Lovely Soul! Discover the Lunar Secrets: A Practical Guide to Embodied Womb Wisdom



Individuals have the choice of either a 1 or 2 evening exploration of who you are as a conscious sexual being.

This is an opportunity to deepen your relationship with your body, spirit, and sexuality.

Awaken the untapped and hidden places of sexual power within and skyrocket your confidence, ignite your sense of self-worth and stimulate your magnetism.

We begin the journey the eve that I arrive, we will have an early dinner (around 5pm) during which we will do some coaching and build rapport.

Around 8pm we will reconvene for your Tantra Ritual Experience, where I will guide in tantric practices, breathing techniques, moving orgasmic energy through your body and opening the meridians that are blocking your pleasure.

The next day we will meet (between 10am-1pm) and continue to move energy through your body and integrate what you have experienced. Tantric practices, chi gong, acupuncture, or somato-emotional release work could be used at this time.

We will create a roadmap for you, so that you can move forward in your intimate life in a way that feels nourishing and productive! 

You will receive:

You’ll acquire groundbreaking skills as a lover, communicator, and person in the world during this 1 or 2 evening personal retreat.

I recommend doing 2 evenings, it’s a better deal, and my clients who do 2 compared to those who do 1 have profound results due to the comfort they feel the second evening.
It allows them to open 10x more than the first evening.

Single evening $2500 + Expenses
Two Evenings $3950 + Expenses

If you choose to do my 3-month Coaching Package along with the VIP Retreat, you will receive $500 off your investment.

I love to work with people in a way that provides them the deepest and richest transformation.


This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you and your lover to reignite your love and passion for one another.

Within a partnership, many stones are left unturned. We will discover deep wells of erotic excitement, delightful desire, and sexual satisfaction beneath them.

This strengthens your connection and serves as the new foundation for your partnership.

The experience starts at 5pm each day, and includes activities until noon the next day.

You will receive:

You’ll discover new communication methods so when you return home, your partnership will feel completely revitalized.

Single evening $3500 + Expenses
Two Evenings $5500 + Expenses

If you choose to do my 3-month Coaching Package along with the VIP Retreat, you will receive $700 off your investment.

I love to work with people in a way that provides them the deepest and richest transformation.

Dr. Willow’s retreats take place worldwide, and each one has a pulse of sensual aliveness running through it. She flawlessly connects the spiritual connection with the physical healing aspects of sexuality, whether it’s an online retreat or an in-person retreat.

In Tantra and sexual medicine, she only collaborates with high-caliber teachers. They combine their knowledge so that their students can transcend the anguish and fear they have about sexual expression, allowing them to become fully ignited human beings who know what they want and how to attain it.

Dr. Willow combines practices such as Taoist Sexology, Tantra, Chinese Medicine, Yoga, and Chi Gong to give her students a one-of-a-kind, powerful experience about what it means to use Sex As Medicine.

Her retreats are hands-on to the point of comfort for the students; nothing is ever forced or pushed. Dr. Willow delivers one of the most comfortable and welcoming environments in which you can explore your sexuality.

Exploring your sexuality entails delving into your reality and the underlying desires that keep you feeling young and alive long into your 80s and 90s.

Margaret’s Personal Pilgrimage

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Consider joining Dr. Willow on a Personal Pilgrimage to the Sacred Celtic Sites of the United Kingdom.

This Seven Day Personal Retreat is unparallel to any other experience you can find. You will experience radical transformation on all levels – physically, spiritually and emotionally.

We will travel daily to sacred sites where I will guide you to open your heart through prayer, open your voice through song, and open your body through ancient moving meditation practices, specifically tailored to your body, and the transitions you are navigating emotionally.

These daily adventures include in depth somatic coaching, deep soul expansion work, and treatments. Dr. Willow uses all of her skills and medicine to help heal your entire body, your relationship to your sexuality, and your perspective on your life. You will be transformed from the inside out and walk away with a brighter sense of what it means to be you in the world, at this time in your life.

You will walk away from this experience with immense confidence in yourself, your body and what you are capable of creating in the world.


You will go home with a video that you can share with your friends and family, so they can see and understand the massive shift you just went through.

You will also want to use this video to remind yourself of who you have become through this journey, when those old familiar limiting beliefs creep back in. In addition to this video, you will get a recorded movement practice which includes Yoga, Chi Gong and Meditation that are tailored to your bodies needs for continued optimal health and healing.

This is more than a vacation, this is a pilgrimage into your soul, it is an opportunity to FINALLY release all the limitations, patterns and beliefs that have been holding you back from the love, life and path your soul has always longed to walk down.

Healing modalities that will be available and included in your personal pilgrimage include:

All accommodations included
Healthy Breakfast:

  • including fresh cucumber lemon apple parsley juice
  • eggs and veggies

– Dinner included daily
– Rental Car – Willow will drive
– Any fees for Sacred Sites

– Your flight
– Lunch and snacks – though Dr. Willow can help you get that organized

Book a call right away to apply for your Personal Pilgrimage with Dr. Willow Brown – Click here