Dr. Willow’s retreats are held all around the world and they all carry a thread of sensual aliveness throughout them.

Whether it’s an online retreat or an in person retreat she seamlessly bridges the spiritual connection with the physical healing properties of sexuality.

She collaborates with only high caliber teachers in Tantra and sexual medicine. Together they weave their expertise together in a way that allows their students to transcend the pain and fear they harbor around sexual expression, so that they can become fully ignited human beings, who know what they desire and know how to get it.

Dr. Willow blends Taoist Sexology, Tantra, Chinese Medicine, yoga and chi gong (to name a few) which gives her students a unique and powerful experience of what it means to use Sex As Medicine.

Her retreats are experiential to the point of the student’s comfort, nothing is ever forced or pushed. Dr. Willow creates one of the safest and most inviting environments available to explore your sexuality in.

Exploring your sexuality means exploring your truth and the inner desires that keep you young and expanded well into your 80’s and 90’s.


Personal Tantra Retreat

This 2-night deep dive into who you are as a conscious sexual human is an opportunity to connect more deeply with your body, your soul and your journey on this earth. You will discover who you are when you are fully awakened at your deepest level. Your sexuality carries the essence of you and the more intimate you get with that, the more magnetic, happy and whole you become. In addition to 2 full tantra sessions you will receive massage, acupuncture, cranio-sacral, you will practice yoga, chi-gong, and journaling. You will learn cutting-edge communication skills so that you go forth in life armed with everything you need to fulfill your desires.


Couple’s Tantra Retreat

This is a unique opportunity for you are your partner to rekindle your passion and love for one another. Many stones are left unturned within partnership. Underneath them we unearth deep wells of erotic excitement, pleasurable passion and sexual satisfaction. This builds a bond between you that becomes the new foundation for your relationship. During these weekends couples receive massage, acupuncture, cranio-sacral. You’ll practice yoga & chi-gong together to get your nervous systems aligned. You will learn cutting-edge communication skills, so that you go home feeling a complete renewal of your relationship.