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The Jade Egg Remedy Course

The Jade Egg Remedy is designed to support you in healing your sexual center from any abuse, transgressions, lack of respect from you or others, and bring you back home to the innate pleasure that your body is designed to live in.

Jade Egg Essential Level ($555) - Join Here 

Jade Egg Star Level ($1,333- with Jade Egg) - Join Here 

Purchase your Jade Egg Here to go along with your Essential Level purchase

Jade Egg ($50.00)- Purchase Here

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Joy Lux

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A magic wand for your yoni. The V-fit is a low level red light, gentle heat with sonic technology vibrator! A hormones free solution for vaginal dryness, pain during sex, vaginal atrophy, and pleasure enhancing!

Photonic Gel

The photonic gel goes great with the V-fit. It is made up of natural safe clean ingredients and has light-reflecting ingredients, such as aloe and hyaluronic acid to enhance the healing qualities of the red light.



A deeply hydrating, pH-balanced serum that uses coconut oil, beeswax, and powerful antioxidants to soothe, soften, and rejuvenate your intimate tissue and hydrate skin.


Unlike most cleansers, this 100% aloe-based wash contains no water, only powerful and clean ingredients including mandarin orange blossom oil and arginine to keep delicate skin clean, fresh and hydrated.


Enitire Joy Lux Collection

I highly recomned getting the enitre Joy Lux Collection! All the products listed on my webiste are such a fantastic compliment to each other. And they bring your va-j-j some serious pleasure.

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Shankara Skin Care

Shankara Skin Care for Acne

This skin care set is one of the best external cures for acne I have found. Natural, gentle and effective!

Shankara Skin Care for Kapha

(Oily Skin)

For those of you with oily skin, that clings to dirt and causes blackheads you'll want to chcek out the skin care set for kapha.

Shankara Skin Care for Pitta

(Normal to Oily)

If you have normal to oily skin, the Pitta line is the one for you.

Shankara Skin Care for Vatta

(Dry Skin)

If you skin tends toward dryness you'll want to get the Vatta skin care set.

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Hormone Balancing  Protocols with Dr. Willow

Daily Female Endrocryne Packet

Instead of taking a multi-vitamin I recommend this for any woman who has hormonal challenges of any kind.

10-Day Healthy inflammation Response

This 10-day cleanse is quick, easy and feels so good, you'll want to keep going! By lowering inflammation throughout your body you will gain greater energy and ease of movement. Choose chocolate, vanilla or plain protein powder.

10-Day Blood Sugar Reset Cleanse

Keeping your blood sugars balanced, effects not only your body, but your moods and capacity to handle life. This cleanse is easy and over in a little more than a weeks time. Choose chocolate, vanilla or plain protien powder.

21-Day Purification Cleanse

This 3 week cleans works to cleanse 5 systems in your body. Your colon, heart, kidney, lymph and liver. You will see you skin improve, you joints open and you'll feel lighter and more energized in general. Get the kit with whole food fiber, choose your flavor.

Adrenal Fatigue No More

The herbs I recommend in this video are desigend to nourish and augment the health of your adreanls, so that you have ample energy for the day and can sleep deeply at night.

Drenamin provides all the nutrition your adrenals need to sustain health and longevity.

Rehmannia provides general detoxification of whole body, and eliminates stress headaches.

Cordyceps supports immune, energy, respritory and is a wonder anit-aging herb.

Brain Fog Be Gone

Brain fog is no problem if your not trying to think or articulate words. But if your still trying to be a productive and intelligent woman in the world, chcek out the recommendation sI make in this video.

Breast Health for You

Your breasts need nourishment too. My recommendations in this video are powerful for healing fibrous tissue, as well as preventing and healing from breast cnacer.

Painful Periods Elimintaed

Cramps, low back pain, breast tenderness and acne are not fun for anyone, and some get it worse than others. I offer some very valuable suggestions to eliminate all these symptoms in this video. Ever Green is my preferred Chinese Herbal company for Dang Gui because their herbs are high quality.

Tong jing Wan means push the blood through, and amazing short term formula for healing painful menstraul cramps.

PMS & PMDD Demystified

The mood swings that come with PMS and PMDD can reak cavoc on your life. When irritabilty and anger get so inflamed it costs you your marriage it's time to do something about it. Check out this video to learn more about what you can do.

Ever Green is my preferred Chinese Herbal company for Dang Gui because their herbs are high quality.

Thyroid Solutions

Your thyroid is responsible for regulating your sleep cycle, menstrual cycles, digestion and temperature regulation to name a few. No matter what is going on with your thyroid, I offer some fantastic suggestions in this video.